Compressed Brick Manufacturing Project
Partner name: USE-IT
Project name: Compressed Brick Manufacturing
Funding round: CFP 1
Funding: Jobs Fund grant R7 760 000
Matched Funding R1 940 000
Window: Enterprise development
Location: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Partners: None
Problem statement:
A substantial amount of recyclable material is dumped at landfill sites around South Africa. This waste can be transformed into new products, thereby reducing the burden on landfill sites and creating jobs for a large number of unemployed people.
USE-IT is a Durban-based section 21 company that aims to identify waste beneficiation opportunities in eThekwini Municipality to divert waste from landfill sites and create jobs in the green economy.
USE-IT has piloted a building and rubble waste recycling project to reduce solid waste in municipal landfills by using building waste in eThekwini Municipality to produce building blocks. The project aims to build on the existing success of compressed earth block development in eThekwini Municipality. Building with compressed earth blocks is cost-effective and creates a thermally efficient and sustainable green building structure that is superior to existing building materials. It is also stronger than concrete blocks; a 30 percent blend of crushed builder’s rubble can be used to create the earth blocks that are double the strength of concrete blocks. About 200 000 tons of rubble is dumped at Durban landfills each year. These bricks can be used to build thousands of houses in the greater Durban area, where there is a current backlog of affordable housing. At the same time, the expansion of this initiative will create a number of new permanent jobs.
Expected results:
New permanent jobs 112
New short-term jobs 101
Time-bound internships completed 16
Training completed 82