APPLY TO THE FUND - Application stages

The Jobs Fund application and approval process is conducted in three stages over a period of approximately 12 months from date of opening of the Funding round.

Stage 1: Concept Note Application

Project applications are submitted on line and screened for eligibility. Eligible applications are scored against the Impact criteria, and ranked within each window. Competitive concept notes are considered by the Jobs Fund Investment Committee for approval to submit a full Business Case Application. Note that no funds are allocated at this stage. Projects that have successfully completed this stage will be notified in writing and invited to submit a business case. Ineligible applications are disqualified from the competition.

Stage 2: Business Case Application

Selected projects submit a full Business Case Application (BCA) on line together with an Activity Based Costed Project Implementation Management Plan (ABC PIMP). The BCAs are again screened for eligibility and a comprehensive due diligence is conducted. Projects are again competitively assessed against the Fund’s impact criteria and then presented to the Investment Committee for final decision.

Note: Approval at Concept Note is not an approval of grant funding.

Stage 3: Final Decision and Funding Allocation Stage

The Jobs Fund Investment Committee considers the competitive impact of the application and the results of the due diligence during its deliberations on the allocation of grant funding.

Please Note: From the date that grant funding is allocated the successful applicant has to meet all conditions precedent within a defined period usually one month. Failure to meet conditions precedent and signing of the Grant Agreement within the specified time period could result in rescinding the decision to allocate grant funds.