FUNDED PROJECTS - Enterprise Development

Applicant Project Name Type Project Footprint Grant Funding
R million
Matched Funding
R million
Sernick Group Sernick Emerging Farmers Programme Private Free State 165 237.6
Deciduous Fruit Producers' Trust (DFPT) Deciduous Fruit Value Chain Financing Project Public Western Cape 200 200
Project Preparation Trust of Kwa-Zulu Natal (PPT KZN) Informal Economy Support Programme- IESP eThekwini NGO Kwa-Zulu Natal 10 10
National Education Collaboration Trust - EdHub Columba Leadership Trust NGO National 14.27 21.40
Caleo Capital Secha Capital: Patient Capital Impact HoldCo Private National 13.58 21.61
Trust for Urban Housing Finance Intuthuko Private Gauten 75 75
Trust for Urban Housing Finance uMaStandi Private Gauten 25 25
Caleo Capital Secha Capital: Patient Capital Impact HoldCo Private National 13.58 21.61
The Sernick Group Sernick Emerging Farmers Programme Private Free State 165 337.6
A2L Media Corp Community access to wireless retail technologies Private National 78.00 390.12
A2L Media Corp Innovation and Application of Technology Private National 85.33 85.33
Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative – South Africa–Eastern Cape Development Corporation Eastern Cape Community Forestry Development Initiative NGO Eastern Cape 82.73 30.62
Africa!Ignite Tourist Markets Ignite Rural Enterprise NGO KwaZulu-Natal 7.82 3.85
Anglo American Zimele Ltd Anglo American Zimele Jobs Fund Private National 250.00 250.00
Atlantic Asset Management Guarantee Mechanism Crowd Investors Private National 75.00 300.00
Awethu Project Awethu Project Incubator NGO Gauteng 71.93 68.50
Awethu Entrepreneurship Foundation Awethu Project NGO Gauteng 20.00 4.00
Buhle Farmers’ Academy Buhle - Mondi Farmer Development Project NGO Mpumalanga 26.87 37.12
Buhle Farmers Academy Buhle Academy NGO National 5,00 8,52
Business Partners SA Franchise Warehouse Private National 48.65 58.38
Cape Craft and Design Institute CCDI Enterprise Development NGO Western Cape 11.62 2.91
Capital Harvest Emerging Farmer Finance Capital Harvest Emerging Farmer Finance Private Western Cape 30.74 89.59
Claremont Farming AgriBEE Agro Processing Linkage Private Eastern Cape 12.06 97.98
Clover SA Masakhane “Together we Grow” Expansion Project Private National 100.00 103.77
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research- EC Development of Cashmere Fibre Industry Public Eastern Cape 5.00 1.00
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research- eGoli Bio Bioprocess Development  and Pilot Centre Public Gauteng 72.00 18.00
Crescendo Management Services trading as OCS Africa OCS Incubation Hub Private Gauteng 35.00 35.00
CuraFin Manco Owner Driver Programme Private Gauteng 48.00 81.49
Deciduous Fruit Producers' Trust DFDC Commercialization Programme Private Western Cape, Eastern Cape 60.00 60.00
Elliott Brothers Eastern Cape AgriBEE Beef Fund Private Eastern Cape 34.00 34.00
Eastern Cape Rural Development Agency & Eastern Cape Development Corporation (Rural Agro Initiative) Trading Up and Rural Agro Industrialisation Public Eastern Cape 72.77 49.81
Eksteenskuil Landbou Kooperasie Beperk Eksteenskuil Raisin Incubator Private Northern Cape 18.25 30.62
FirstRand Bank Limited Vumela Enterprise Development Fund Private Gauteng 127.09 127.09
Grain SA Commercial Farming Starting from 1 Hectare Private Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga 97.24 109.08
Hand in Hand Southern Africa Job Creation through Enterprise Development NGO Limpopo,
KwaZulu Natal,
North West
22.44 4.90
Heifer International South Africa Blouberg Agricultural Development Project NGO Limpopo 6.78 1.70
Hot Dog Café Hot Dog Café Cadet Program Private National 17.23 18.60
Illovo Sugar (South Africa) Limited Small Scale Grower Cane Development Project Private Sezela, KwaZulu-Natal 67.57 64.52
Just Veggies (Pty) Ltd Fresh and frozen vegetable supply chain Private Abaqulusi, KwaZulu-Natal 30.00 31.30
Lima Rural Development Foundation Smallholder Farmer Support Programme NGO National 59.83 59.83
LIMA Small Holder Farmer Support Programme NGO Limpopo,
KwaZulu Natal,
Eastern Cape
20,11 6,05
LIMA Rural Development Foundation NPC Manzengwenya - Mbazwana Forestry Development Programme NGO KwaZulu Natal 80.25 20.01
Microsoft South Africa Microsoft Bizspark Programme Private National 96.00 96.00
Mondi Zimele Entrepreneurship Foundation Zimele Project NGO Mpumalanga,
KwaZulu Natal
70.00 70.00
Newlands Mashu Community Development Centre Soybean - Edamane Soybean Industry Establishment Public KwaZulu Natal 19.00 10.91
New Dawn Farming Enterprise New Dawn Farming Private Limpopo 15.15 15.15
Project Preparation Trust KZN Development of Emerging Micro & Formal Enterprises in eThekwini Municipality NGO KwaZulu Natal 5.00 1.00
Orange Grove Dairy Orange Grove UHT and Recapitalization Programme Private KwaZulu-Natal 45.00 44.94
Phakamani Foundation Creating Micro Jobs for Rural Women NGO Mpumalanga 20.25 5.11
Resource Africa Rural-based Empowerment NGO Mpumalanga 14.56 3.55
Royal Fields Finance Royal Fields: Enterprise Development One Stop Shop Solution Private Gauteng 50.00 50.00
Sabi Sand Pfunanani Trust Rural SMMEs Development and Employment Creation NGO Mpumalanga 14.82 4.94
Shanduka Black Umbrellas Shanduka Black Umbrellas Pretoria Incubator NGO Pretoria, Gauteng 13.50 4.50
Siyazisiza Trust Siyazisiza Craft Development Programme NGO Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga 10.95 5.02
South African Bureau of Standards Design Institute Business Rapid Accelerator Programme Public Gauteng 60.00 60.00
Stargrow Nursery Trust Sizana Project Private Boland, Western Cape 51.98 91.40
Shanduka Black Umbrellas Shanduka Black Umbrellas Business Incubator NGO KwaZulu Natal 10.50 8.22
Technoserve Job Creation through Small Farmer Commercialisation NGO National 40.18 10.05
Technoserve South Africa Advancing Small Holder Agribusiness (uASHA) NGO KwaZulu-Natal 40.00 40.48
The Clothing Bank Clothing Bank National Expansion NGO Gauteng, Western Cape 18.35 8.20
Timbali Technology Incubator Timbali Technology Incubator NGO Nelspruit and Mpumalanga 75.00 18.75
Timbali Technology Incubator Nwanedi Agri-Park development for vegetables NGO Nwanedi, Limpopo 58.00 61.50
Tongaat Hulett Tongaat Hulett Sugarcane Development Initiative Private Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal 150.00 221.60
TWK Agri TWK Agri Emerging Farmer Support Program Private Piet Retief, Mpumalanga 50.00 102.59
Use-It Compressed Brick Manufacturing NGO KZN 7.76 22.93
Unjani Clinics NPC Unjani Clinic Project Private Gauteng, North West,Mpumalanga, Limpopo 20.47 29.38
VKB Agriculture (Pty) Ltd Developing Sustainable Small Commercial Framers Private Eastern Free State and Limpopo 35.54 71.94