Hot Dog Café Cadet Programme Project
Partner name: Hot Dog Café
Project name: Hot Dog Café Cadet Programme
Funding round: CFP 2
Funding: Jobs Fund grant R17 228 566
Matched Funding R18 600 000
Window: Enterprise development
Location: National
Partners: Masisizane Fund, Massmart, National Empowerment Fund and Public Investment Corporation
Problem statement:
The Hot Dog Café recognises the importance of entrepreneurship in facilitating job creation. Many entrepreneurs lack the funding, knowledge and support to successfully operate and grown a business. In order to assist those who show an interest in becoming franchisees and display high levels of entrepreneurial spirit, the Hot Dog Café developed the Cadet Programme. This training programme will support and train young unemployed black South Africans will the end result of operating an entry-level business within the Hot Dog Café franchise.
The Hot Dog Café cadet programme has partnered with the Masisizane Fund, Massmart, the National Empowerment Fund and the Public Investment Corporation to train and finance successful candidates to become successful franchise operators.
This franchise initiative has already implemented three successful Cadet Programmes and will roll out the fourth together with the assistance of the Jobs Fund grant. The Hot Dog Café cadet programme aims to develop and fund the establishment of 62 new Hot Dog Café outlets across the country, which will be owned by successful candidates from the cadet programme. The initiative selects, trains and supports cadets who demonstrate potential to become successful business owners. A select number of these cadets are then given the opportunity to own Hot Dog Café outlets and are financed by the initiative’s partners. The Hot Dog Café business stands surety for the funding of the new business outlets. Sites for these outlets are also provided by the initiative’s partners.
Expected results:
New permanent jobs 372
Training completed 372