Owner-Driver Programme Project
Partner name: CuraFin ManCo
Project name: Owner-Driver Programme
Funding round: CFP 2
Funding: Jobs Fund grant R48 000 000
Matched Funding R48 000 000
Website: http://www.curafinmanco.co.za
Window: Enterprise development
Location: Gauteng
Partners: None
Problem statement:
Constraints that owner-drivers face in the market include lack of funding to expand, lack of contract knowledge and general lack of business management skills. The sector has many owner-drivers who have the potential to grow geographically, but are financially constrained and cannot afford to buy more vehicles or employ more staff.
CuraFin ManCo provides management services to newly established businesses. The Owner-Driver Programme, an initiative by CuraFin ManCo, is supported through the Jobs Fund grant.
The project helps owner-drivers establish sustainable businesses in the transport and storage sectors by securing contracts and finance on their behalf. Through continued support, the businesses are enhanced and are more likely to become profitable and grow. The programme recruits and nurtures each SMME for a period of five years and provides them with a contract to service Makro stores. After five years, the owner-driver will have the skills and experience to venture into other similar programmes or stand alone and continue in the goods delivery and management sector.
Expected results:
New permanent jobs 367
Time-bound internships completed 60
Training completed 472