AgriBEE Agro Processing Linkage Project
Partner name: Claremont Farming
Project name: AgriBEE Agro Processing Linkage
Funding round: CFP 2
Funding: Jobs Fund grant R12 059 779
Matched Funding R97 981 000
Window: Enterprise development
Location: Buffalo City, Eastern Cape
Partners: Komga Beef
Problem statement:
South Africa is a net importer of pork. There are very few commercial piggeries in the Eastern Cape, resulting in pigs being brought in from other provinces. Previously disadvantaged landowners in the Eastern Cape are unable to secure the necessary infrastructure required to start pig production and gain access to this value chain. They also tend to lack the business and management skills needed to run successful and sustainable enterprises.
Claremont Farming and Komga Beef have partnered to establish the AgriBEE Agro Processing Linkage project, which helps local landowners participate in pig farming. Claremont Farming provides the beneficiaries with technical expertise in the form of training, mentorship and access to finance, while Komga Beef is the offtake partner.
The project aims to create jobs in an impoverished area of Buffalo City by bringing 10 dormant farms, which are owned by previously disadvantaged individuals, into mainstream pig farming production. The pig production sites will be established, owned, managed and controlled by beneficiaries of the Land Redistribution for Agricultural Development Programme in the Buffalo City area. These 10 farmers will be empowered through training, extension services and business management support to establish productive and sustainable farms. Local procurement of prime pork will be promoted by the project and small-scale black farmers will be linked to sustainable commercial value chains.
Expected results:
New permanent jobs 280
Permanent jobs with project partners 12
New short-term jobs 420
Time-bound internships completed 180
Training completed 520