Buhle Academy Project
Partner name: Buhle Farmers’ Academy
Project name: Buhle Academy
Funding round: CFP 1
Funding: Jobs Fund grant R5 000 000
Matched Funding R8 520 000
Website: http://buhle.org.za
Window: Enterprise development
Location: Delmas, Mpumalanga
Partners: AFGRI, Foschini Group, Maize Trust, Monsanto Fund, Old Mutual, Omnia and Tiger Brands
Problem statement:
The number of jobs in the South African agricultural sector is decreasing, due in part to the lack of sustainable agricultural business skills within the emerging farmers segment. In 2011, the Rural Development and Land Reform ministry report indicated that nine out of 10 farms transferred to black farmers had failed because farmers lacked the capacity to conduct viable farming businesses. The success of emerging farmers requires excellent applied practical, managerial and business skills to ensure a profitable enterprise in a globally competitive environment.
Buhle Farmers’ Academy provides high-quality, accredited practical training to new and aspiring farmers through hands-on competency-based learning principles. The Buhle Academy – in partnership with AFGRI, Foschini Group, Maize Trust, Monsanto Fund, Old Mutual, Omnia and Tiger Brands – supports the development of efficient farming enterprises.
This project aims to reduce bottlenecks in the farming food chain and develop commercially viable farming enterprises. Buhle has developed an effective learning-by-doing farmer training programme to address problems faced by emerging farmers. The project trains farmers, who either own land or are beneficiaries of government land reform programmes but lack the skills to productively use their land. Farmers also receive support after the training to set up their farming operations, and access funding and markets. It is envisaged that the emerging farmers will go on to create at least one job each as a result of the initiative.
Expected results:
New permanent jobs 1 100
New short-term jobs 2 352
Training completed 588