Jobs Fund Stories

Innovation funding round now open

The funding round closes for applications at 15h00 on 1 February 2016. This window essentially aims to fund any business that will create job in an innovative manner. Interventions must focus on projects that have potential to create jobs on a large scale and promote broader systemic impact.
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Africa Ignite’s crafter Lobolile Ximba

Africa Ignite’s crafter Lobolile Ximba shares her story Lobolile Ximba did not go to school, but grew up in a very happy home and hardworking family and learned to make fertility dolls from her mother. Lobolile has been making fertility dolls for 35 years, and has now taught all her children the art.
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Can young people sell?

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator got into sales by failing first. In their first year of operation, young candidates were placed in sales roles and weren’t succeeding. So they took our sales bridge offline for almost a year to really dig deeper into sales environments and redesign for success.
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Learning Forum 2015

The Jobs Fund held its annual Learning Forum from the 13 – 15 September 2015. This is an event that brings together all partners and stakeholders for a session of learning, sharing ideas and networking.
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Southern African Wildlife College

Students completing the Community Rangers programme, sponsored by the Jobs Fund. The Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC) was conceptualized in 1993 and established in 1996 by the World Wide Fund for Nature, South Africa (WWF South Africa) .
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Latest Results
90 approved projects
R4.739 billion in grant funds allocated.
R6.8 billion in leveraged funding from the
55 244 new permanent jobs
25 315 vacant posts have been filled
14 096 short term jobs
112 550 people completing training

What we do

The Jobs Fund was launched in June 2011, we are a National Treasury initiative with the goal to address the challenge of unemployment in South Africa. Our objective is to form partnerships, through grant funding, with public, private and civil society organisations on projects that will significantly contribute to job creation. What makes us different is that the Jobs Fund focuses on encouraging projects that catalyse innovative models that contribute directly to enhance employment creation.

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How we work

The Jobs Fund only accepts applications during specific periods and with a predetermined set of criteria that project have to meet in order to be eligible for consideration. The Jobs Fund has a two-stage application process; the Concept Application Stage and Full Application Stage. The application process begins when a call for proposals opens, and ends once a project has been approved by the Investment Committee.
Stage 1 – Concept Application Stage
Stage 2 – Application Stage

Why a two-stage process?

The rationale for a two-stage process is that it enables applicants to test the relevance of their proposed initiative in relation to the Fund’s criteria, without expending undue effort and cost in developing a detailed proposal and business plan. Without this opportunity, many worthy applicants may choose not to apply, given the costs and risks associated with the development of a detailed proposal.

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