The Jobs Fund creates jobs by supporting initiatives that generate employment in innovative ways. The Fund offers once-off grants in the areas of enterprise development, infrastructure, support for work seekers and institutional capacity building.

Established by the South African government in 2011, The Jobs Fund awards grants to organisations through a competitive project application process where only the best ideas are funded. The Jobs Fund operates on challenge fund principles. Funding allocations are transparent, open and competitive, and are made by an independent Investment Committee.

The Jobs Fund accepts applications from the private, public and non-governmental sector during calls for proposals. Project partners are required to share both risk and costs by matching the grant fund allocation.

The Jobs Fund agriculture funding round applications are now closed

Latest Results
Preliminary results from the first three calls for proposals:
  • 89 projects approved
  • R4,661 billion government funding committed to the 89 projects
  • These 89 projects target the creation of 132 725 new permanent jobs over the next 5 years
  • As at February 2015, 76 projects are in full implementation.
  • The Jobs Fund has disbursed R1.966 million in grant funding to the 76 implementing projects, which has leveraged a further R2.344 billion from project partners.
  • These 76 implementing projects have to-date created 37 239 permanent new jobs
  • These projects have also created 11 092 short terms jobs while 86 301 individuals have received training.
Project: Riversands Incubation Hub
Spatial inequality cost of infrastructure and rent has often resulted in SMME’s and established businesses locating their businesses in very diverse locations. This effectively prevents integration and the ability of SMME and established business to leverage each other’s resources and capabilities. A further barrier to large scale industry using SMME’s is quality, security of supply, compliance with quality standards and cost. The Jobs Fund partnered with Century Property Developments to build the Riversands Incubation Hub in Diepsloot. The project will potentially create 1,440 permanent jobs.

This project places the SMME Incubation Hub in one precinct with large industry. The Hub is designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurs in the area by making available an array of business support resources and services that include physical space, training and networking connections. Big business mentor SMME’s; assist them to build up their products & services off-takes until SMMEs form a major part of their production.

Sello Makhamate, a metalworker from Diepsloot, ran his business from his house. Due to the space constraints he was not able to expand his business or diversify is product. Now based in the Riversands Incubation Hub, he has larger formal business premises available where he can invite clients from more affluent markets. “This gives me access to a more customers especially from the new housing developments taking place in the area” says Sello. “At the Hub I have many specialists from the steel industry to learn new techniques that can grow my business”.

“The Jobs Fund has played a crucial role in helping micro and small businesses from the Diepsloot area overcome the barriers that obstruct them from growing into the formal market. This creates desperately needed jobs and work opportunities.” Jenny Retief, Acting CEO Riversands Incubation Hub.